Anarchy at Scale

Anarchy exists in the world today. It always has. Macroscopically, one needs only step back to see the forest for the trees—or zoom in for microcosms. The only place it’s rare is in the middle.

As far as scaling, political states are anarchy at scale. They hide behind sovereignty and do as they please. United Nations and such try (meagerly) to herd the cats—say, the US—, but the Big Cats still do as they please. So when you hear that anarchy is untenable, remember that it is more prevalent than not.

In the domain of physics, we hear the quaint Aristolenian adage that nature abhors a vacuum, but in fact, it doesn’t. Without engaging in a quantum debate, the universe is more vacuum than not. This belief is a projection centred on human narcissism, viewing itself as the centre of the universe: some humans seem to abhor a vacuum—as do many dogs abhor vacuums, but that’s a horse of a different colour.

Nature abhors a vacuum

And when you hear that anarchy doesn’t scale, remember that it can be seen on both micro and macro scales. The question is: what happens in the middle?

To be fair, there are many small-scale human endeavours where power structures still decimate the ‘natural’ anarchy, but this is imposed—whereby I use the term natural to mean without intervention.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Anarchy at Scale

    1. Definitely not true Scotsman. I’d like to explore the anomie versus anarchy. I want to be sure I am responding to the context you are citing. I assume that you’re referring to the inter-national characterisation—the purported function of the United Nations. If not please redirect me. My intent was to illustrate the absence of a system to govern nations. There is a quasi-system in place, but the larger states can (and do) simply refuse to comply with any judgments. This allows rogue states such as the US to run roughshod with impunity over smaller states and bring its own (what might otherwise be termed) vigilante ‘justice’ to states it disagrees with.


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