About this blog

This is a place where I keep my thoughts.

About me

Some bloke with a keyboard and a microphone. My academic background is finance and economics. I was a professional musician, recording engineer, and producer. I’ve also done financial systems design and modelling after a couple years as a statistician for an asset management firm.

Other Media and Locations


Language was my first love. I was an avid reader and have been drawn toward language from linguistics to etymology. My operating thesis since 2015 or so is that language is insufficient to perform at the level expected of it. Language is a product of evolution and has served several purposes, from being able to categorise and catalogue our thoughts as individuals, articulate rhetoric to formulate societies and prospective futures, and fundamentally describe objects in the material realm. Where it fails—or is otherwise insufficient — is regarding abstract concepts: the concepts that undergird and create metanarratives but are specious verisimilitudes (if that makes sense). In many cases, this poses no minor challenges it gives the impression that two people are in agreement when in fact they’ve got entirely different ideas in mind, at times diametrically opposed.


I am a trained economist and statistician with an interest in behavioural economics. I taught undergraduate economics for the better part of a decade from 2008 to 2016. In a way, my interests in philosophy cross-pollinate each other, though my interest has been indexed much more toward philosophy these days. Political economy is not a primary interest, but it seems to occupy much of my time.


I earned my living in Entertainment during the early and mid-1980s as an audio recording engineer and producer in Los Angeles when it was the epicentre of the rock music genre and hair metal. Whilst I enjoyed this, I was more interested in progressive jazz and fusion at the time. I worked with many upcoming, current, and fading celebrities in my day and had the pleasure of touching various media including recording for albums, television, commercials, and film. I’ve recorded genres from pop, rock, metal, reggae, country, indie, punk, orchestral, choral, folk, experimental, retro, and more, I’m sure. Although my focus was primarily in the studio, I also recorded location sound, foley, and in live settings.


I’ll condense and outline my perspectives presently. Meantime, that’s the primary purpose of this blog.

I’ve got a YouTube channel, too.

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