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Important Topics

This is a list of concepts I feel I need to address to make my case that human agency is an illusion.

There are two major themes in my thinking:

  1. Humans have no material agency
  2. Power structures require the presumption of agency

Tangentially, even if I were to agree that the world did allow for free will, is determined, semi-determined, or indetermined, my contention is that because humans have no material agency, they still have no responsibility. The metaphor that comes to mind is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. All of our genetics, epigenetics, and heredity along with our socio-environmental programming, any agency we might have to exert is essentially the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This story is meant to teach that the final straw cannot be seen in isolation. This straw is not responsible for breaking the camel’s back. It’s just one of a thousand papercuts, to switch metaphors for effect.

In either a deterministic or deterministic universe, there are only two possible answers that I can think of, which are:

  1. Humans require god-like abilities to satisfy causa sui requirements
  2. Agency is an emergent property AND independent of BOTH in-built processes and inputs

Book References

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