Emperor’s New PoMo Clothes

I was engaged in an online conversation where the participants were anti-Postmodern—one person in particular.

The conversation hinged on democracy. My postition remained that it is not a particularly functional form of government and tends toward mediocracy and oligarchy, neither of which is very appealing. At least oligarchy accrues benefits to the oligarchs. If you happen to be one, good on you. Mediocracy benefits no one in particular.

Cutting to the chase, I was basically accused of revealing the soft underbelly of democracy—hence the relationship to the Emperor’s New Clothes. Some Moderns such as this chap osensibly understand that Democracy is a specious proposition. His defence is basically ‘don’t point it out because that would ruin everything’. I was the kid who told your kid there is no Santa Claus. Oh, the horrors. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

Besides the connection to the Emporer’s New Clothes, is reminds me of a Woody Allen joke: The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small.

The essence of the experience is bad, and yet some complain that there’s not enough. Yes, the emporer is naked, but the emporer is us, and we don’t want to know. Or, don’t embarrass the emporer. If he’s OK, just let him be. No use in pointing out his shortcomings.

In any case, the critique turned from my perspective is wrong to “Shht. Don’t tell anyone.”

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