In God We Trust

This slogan crossed my path, and I stopped to think: Perhaps a bit cynical, but is a country’s foundation…or their currency, at least…is built upon vapour, what does that say about the country and its citizens?

Sure, Rome of the Ancients had a myth-based origin story. They had their wolf, and we’ve got some hoary bearded Birkenstock-wearing gentleman sporting a toga, but does it matter that it’s all pretend?

Humans thrive on stories, but what happens when most people understand that the emperor’s wearing no clothes…not even that toga?

Sure, Nietzsche posed the same question. God is dead, right? And then what? Would this social fabric just disintegrate into dust, no longer supporting the thread-bare culture into the bin?

Entropy, right?

Can a society even exist with out some common mythos? What would happen to a society based on some other glue? Is there such an adhesive?

I can imagine a society centred on money or science, but these still rely on some underlying faith and a different metanarrative.

Is a common mythos necessary for society, or is this just reflective of some paucity of imagination?