Is human consciousness creating reality?

Perhaps, and as much as I see social aspects as constructed, I wouldn’t count on reality being constructed whole cloth from a web of observers. This is ostensibly what  Robert Lanza’s biocentric view attempts to say. I’m not buying it.

Biocentric Mesh of Many Minds

As I understand it—admittedly from a single BigThink article, so there’s that—Lanza is trying to one-up Descartes and jump into the domain of Wittgenstein’s many minds conundrum. I suppose that this is another dualistic theory, but I am not likely to spend many cycles on it in the near term.

My question is that if at Time0, a reality is projected—my word—by the many minds, and at Time1, You enter the picture, and at Time2, the Exiting Observer is leaving the picture. how is reality shaped by these events? And are they events, or are they merely imagined? Is this an entirely solipsistic endeavour? Is this like Star Trek’s Borg? You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Borg: You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

This also feels a lot like Jung’s Collective Unconscious on steroids. I’ll stop commenting here for now and consider this nothing more than a distraction. And I am not ready to jump on a panpsychism bandwagon any time soon.