Path Less Travelled

Some people seem to need to find meaning, yet they arrive from different experiences. These days, many insecure Western males appear to meet in a particular place that leaves them to make a decision. Of course, there is no decision because, in a Freudian-Jungian way, they arrive with issues and baggage. This dictates which path will be chosen—Andrew Tate or Jordan Peterson. Why not both?

This is not a commentary on a lack of free will, though that may come into play. It’s more a general lack of degrees of freedom when one arrives from such a place and has these two characters (caricatures?) as options for role models. In each case, overcompensation is evident.

It’s a slow news day and I’ve been otherwise occupied. I don’t have much to add, but I felt sharing this meme would fill space and time.

Onward to more substantial fare.


12 thoughts on “Path Less Travelled

      1. He was content to be a professor working inside the system then the virtuous offended — politically correct marxists forced his hand. They unleashed his potential and exposed their own academic bias and ignorance. Whether you agree with Peterson or not, you have to admit his body of work is impressive and his reach now is global. He has reached es ape velocity and they now can do nothing but look silly in their attacks.
        He exemplifies the suppressed masculine potential in all of us.

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      2. Agree, although I think he was never was content just being a professor. For someone who was a few votes away from being elected to the NDP at 14 years old, he was always driven to make change. I also appreciate all that he has done for many who look to him for guidance and direction.
        However, unlike many opinions I’ve read online I also believe that there are points that need to be considered on the other side of his arguments. However, no one is getting nuanced about that and instead he’s getting dragged in the mud by many trying to make a name for themselves through a few clicks.

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      3. Honestly, I know little about his body of work and only learned of him when he spoke out against pronouns. Then I discovered his ineptness as a philosopher and his misunderstanding of Marxism and postmodernism and the conflation of these.

        When I have heard him speak in his domain of psychology, he seems competent, though I feel his Jungian leanings are anachronistic and not supported by the mainstream orthodoxy. Given my opinion of the orthodoxy, this doesn’t much matter. lol

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      4. Appreciate the response and sharing the blogpost. Unfortunately for me, reading that Peterson along with others paints with a broad brush is not very specific as an example. I think he urges for nuance in many of his lectures and does not necessarily sweep over the details as many of his highlights on YouTube and other social media might like to display. At any rate, I do agree with you on the need for nuance in conversation. Again, thanks for sharing!

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      5. I agree, when you hear some of the counter arguments much of his work is not so cut and dry, but who today actually researches the clips themselves? Even the opposition states they hate him, but can’t tell you specifically why, without simply parroting buzzwords from their party affiliation.
        Half of what he states is true and that is solely based on the biases of the individual. Regardless, he was relatively unknown before his university demanded a certain style of politically correct censorship. He’s now sold out across the county getting a lot of attention for a very valid message.

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