Daunting in More Ways Than One

The more I document my journey, the more it distracts my focus, so this is a short post. At this point in my life, I am convinced that the notion of human agency related to free will is wholly constructed. So much so, that I have been surveying the current landscape. I fully recognise that I am guilty of confirmation bias. Even though I am attempting to compensate for selection bias by reading opposing views, much of my attention is spent picking apart counterarguments and fanboying supporting arguments. This is an easy way to end up off the road and into a ditch, but I suppose awareness is the first step to contravene the effects.

I say this is daunting not only because of how much there is to absorb I am finding that dozens of books have already been published and echo my sentiments. Perhaps not exactly; perhaps not clearly. But this is not a novel concept. So what is daunting is to have the incentive to follow through, to not be entirely or substantially derivative if I do.

I’m two-thirds through Robert Kane’s initial chapter of Four Views on Free Will. He makes some good points. I am already familiar with his Libertarian position, but he dives deeper in his essay, which was my hope. He and the other three authors have time to present counterarguments to each other after all of the positions have been articulated.

As I expect to respond to each position, in turn, I won’t say much now, but I find I still disagree with Kane and for the same reasons I disagreed before I started reading.

Please stand by…

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