Around the World

I was reviewing my visitor stats, and I am happy to see extensive global coverage. North America—particularly the United States is my largest audience—, but South America, Australia, and Eurasia have representation. Africa is a bit spotty, and let’s not discuss Antarctica. I’m not sure about Greenland, but they don’t know about me either. Iceland represents, but not Svalbard, which admittedly, I’ve not heard of before. No offence.

South America is missing Bolivia, Guyana, French Giana, and Suriname. Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan are absent. Not Yemen or Oman either. I don’t know what I’ve done to North Korea, but they’ve shown me no love. I was hoping for something better from New Caledonia. I’m hoping they come through one of these days.

Africa may be distracted with other pressing issues, but I’m noticing kilometre after kilometre of no love—Niger, Chad, Sudan. Ghana, yes, but Togo and Benin are nos. The region from Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, and Guinea. And the entire middle of the continent. And Tanzania and Madagascar? Forget about it.

If you happen to be visiting from one of these places, drop a note and say hello. If you are from any of the other places, do the same.

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