Is Pogonotrophy a Scourge on Society?

I learnt a new word today: pogonotrophy. So, I decided to take it upon this new threat to society as we know it: pogon worship, a modern-day scourge.

Ian McKellen – Gandalf

It all started when I happened upon the Quartzy port, A Philosopher Wrote an Academic Paper on the Ethics of Growing a Beard.

My ‘research’ took me on a tour of pogonotomy and pogonophora, a world that until now I had not been previously exposed, yet not quite enough to inspire me to follow the path to pogonology.

Full disclosure: I only perused the article and did not pursue the submitted paper, so any commentary is not on the source—merely a reference thereto.

Ernest Hemmingway

So, this is a nonsensical post. Je m’accuse. I am no fan of beards or the hipsters  more categorically who sport them. Sure, some men look decent in beards—old, distinguished lot. I’m not talking the iconic yet ridiculous Abe Lincoln beard. Perhaps the weathered sea captain. 

I’m done. Nothing to see here. Move along… 

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